Biofeedback therapy – How can it help you heal at home?

Biofeedback therapy from QXWorld can help a lot in home healing, as patients can learn to control involuntary bodily processes such as blood pressure, heart rate or muscle tension. Biofeedback therapy does not involve medication and does not penetrate the human body with needles or other means. It offers a painless, comfortable way to assess the body’s current condition and helps to free the body’s self-healing processes from inhibition.  

Biofeedback therapy – How can it help you heal at home?

Computer mapping of the biological state of the human body, using the body’s own vibrations to promote healing and health, is the essence of Biofeedback Therapy.

According to the Hungarian equivalent of the term (biofeedback), biofeedback provides information about the functioning of our body, which in turn allows us to make changes to consciously regulate our physiological functions.

If we pay a little attention to our bodies, we notice that when we are in pain or stressed, the body changes. For example, your heart rate increases, your breathing speeds up, your muscles tense up.

Biofeedback treatment can make seemingly subtle but very useful changes to the body, relaxing muscles, reducing pulse or rapid breathing. You can feel better already. 

Biofeedback therapy is a side-effect-free, drug-free, non-invasive method that can be used alongside virtually any medication or medical therapy you are taking. It is also successful for people without any known medical conditions, who can feel better by consciously controlling their body. 

Biofeedback therapy 

Biofeedback therapy allows you to take control of the involuntary processes in your body. The biofeedback system uses special sensors to measure and detect the body’s functions and, once the information has been acquired, uses associated software to help the patient control their unconscious physiological processes.

It can be used for almost any complaint, from stress and high blood pressure to headaches, musculoskeletal complaints, concentration problems and even incontinence.

Biofeedback at home 

More and more biofeedback devices are being marketed for home use, which measure physical changes in the body. For example, heart rate and skin changes are measured by straps attached to the fingers or ears and connected to a computer or mobile device.

The computer uses images and other signals to help us consciously regulate our breathing, heart rate, muscles and stress management. 

A headband that can be worn as part of home biofeedback therapy, for example, uses sounds to let you know if your mind is calm or active when you meditate, helping you to control stress, and the computer or mobile device stores the information so you can track your progress.

Other biofeedback tools can help you manage tension through conscious coordination of breathing or self-therapy of high blood pressure problems at home.

Biofeedback tools 

Biofeedback tools provide an alternative to health maintenance and healing processes that can reduce or eliminate the need for medication, improve the effects of our medicines, and even help us to manage our health during pregnancy. All this without surgery or other interventions, painlessly and comfortably.

Quex ED

The newest generation of biofeedback devices in the Quantum Biofeedback range is the Quex-ED model. This device now includes a higher quality medical electroencephalogram (EEG) chip, electromyography (EMG) chip and electrocardiogram (ECG) chip. 

The new enhanced features allow more accurate detection of brain electrical abnormalities, more precise measurement of heartbeat activity. It detects all the patient’s stress factors more effectively, allowing for more effective therapy in the conscious treatment process.

Quex S

The Quex S Biofeedback device is an automatic, computer-operated therapeutic tool for body analysis and energy balancing. 

It measures electro-physiological responses and patterns through straps attached to the head, ankles and wrists, which it categorises and feeds back to the individual about the body’s functioning. 

The software is programmed to focus on the human body, reduce stress and promote well-being and health.